Vertical - climbing gym

The climbing hall in Bressanone/Brixen is being built in a prominent location in terms of urban development and is therefore also planned to be aesthetically and creatively sophisticated. A transparent façade design transports nature and the landscape into the building, while at the same time leaving the interior visible from the outside. The multi-layered façade structure creates a moiré effect that constantly creates new impressions for the moving observer and places both the user and the observer outside in a dynamic relationship with the climbing hall.

Ecological aspects and sustainability are basic requirements in the planning of the climbing hall. They are conditioned by detailed planning and a sophisticated climate concept with a multi-layered façade, ventilation and heat storage through intermediate zones in the façade structure and the creation of storage masses in the building. With the use of solar energy, the seasonally variable façade envelope and natural ventilation, mechanical cooling is not necessary and results in significant cost savings for construction and operating costs.

The climbing hall is accessed from the new town square on the south side and from the higher-lying town park on the north side; a connection to the new underground parking garage is planned. The handicapped-accessible development also ensures use for therapeutic purposes. The open design of the climbing hall with free-standing climbing towers allows a view to the outside of the park and square, as well as to the inside of the entire hall. The technical climbing concept makes the hall suitable for sports climbers and recreational climbers, for training and competition.

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Gemeinde Brixen

Kletterzentrum im Altstadtzentrum

Arch. Meraner Wolfgang