Rainerhof – Kals

The residential part of the Rainerhof, which can be traced back in documents to the 16th century, perhaps even to the 15th century, is a very authentically preserved wooden block building, which is characterized by many well-preserved building details (box windows incl. decorative frames, decorative ornamental cuts on windshutters and balcony railings, etc.). The entire courtyard ensemble still offers a coherent overall appearance. Wood shingle roofing is an absolute necessity in this setting to preserve the character of this couple's yard. Great attention should also be paid to the preservation and repair of the wooden box windows, balconies, all ornamental cut motifs, etc.



  • Renovierung


  • Privat


  • Zimmerei Duregger, Baumeister Gratz ,HKLS Kraler, Elektro Mühlburger, Hatzmann, Haas, Frey


  • Günter Richard Wett