Plaza San Candido

How can the history of San Candido be brought into the present and rediscovered on Pflegplatz? How can the importance of the Pflegplatz for San Candido be shown on site? Which elements characterize San Candido, its village center and its surroundings?

The project focuses on the essential elements that characterize San Candido and specifically the Pflegplatz as a village center: stone, water and history.

The stone forms the permanent and durable, which gives the place its shape.
The Pflegplatz is divided into sections; these are paved in the same material but in different laying methods. This carpet of fragments blends into a new, unified whole and creates a connection to the existing pedestrian zone and Senfterplatzl. In coordination with the size of the market stalls, the square is covered with an infrastructure grid of 6.25m x 6.25m for water, electricity and light.

Water is the separating and shaping element at the square. The formerly existing Wiere at the square is taken up as a line. In former times, the Wiere not only supplied craftsmen in San Candido, but also marked the physical separation between secular and ecclesiastical power, between the market area and the "cathedral district". The line of the Wiere also symbolizes the course of the Via Claudia Augusta Altinate.

A second line perpendicular to it stands for the Via Iulia Augusta, which once ran through the Puster Valley. The historical Littamum and today's San Candido stands at the intersection of these two Roman roads. The two axes are embedded as metal strips in the surface of the square with naming of important stations on these routes.

At the intersection of these two axes is the new pavilion. Shaped in stone by the water. A massive monolith made of cast stone with a rough surface. The pavilion combines required programs and new offers. The 12.5m x 12.5m block opens to the north in a stage. This is designed in its surfaces and with height-adjustable platforms so that it meets the acoustic requirements of a musical band and can also be used as a stage and event space. Towards the southwest, the kiosk is located, which occupies both the adjacent street space and the small newly created square in front of the post chapel. The most important new attraction is the drinking fountain at Pflegplatz. Here the five springs of San Candido can be tasted: Kaiserwasser, Lavaredo, Schwefelquelle, Eisenquelle and Candida.

The new Pflegplatz will become a pedestrian zone. Parking spaces for bicycles and cars are provided in the area in front of the bank and the town hall and will be released according to the frequency and use of the square. For temporary use, mobile wooden street furniture is provided according to the existing ones.


  • Gemeinde Innichen


  • Platzgestaltung
  • Pavillon


  • Unionbau, Oberlechner Messner, Ploner GmbH
  • Klaus Ramoser - Akustik
  • Ernst Mitterndorfer - Halotech Lichtfabrik
  • Energytech
  • Bergmeister Ingenieure


  • Günter Richard Wett -
  • Rederlechner Othmar -