New construction Patscherkofelbahn

Is the Patscherkofelbahn a public place? Or only infrastructure? Is it part of the journey to the place of recreation? What benefit can a cable car have for a place in difficult times for ski tourism? What can it do for a place beyond its function as a cable car? How can we think and design nature and technology, functionality and poetry, economy and elegance together?

We think that the Patscherkofel as Innsbruck's 'local mountain' will remain an important part of Innsbruck's identity in the future. However, even a place with a long tradition must be constantly rethought and redesigned in order to preserve and strengthen this identity. Of course, this is on the one hand about an architecture that is inviting and concise enough to be imprinted in the visual memory of Innsbruckers, on the other hand of course about flexible space for new programs, alternative uses, changing user habits and spatial planning considerations. Our approach aims to offer a solution that does justice to each station individually, that is equally attractive to summer and winter tourists, and at the same time achieves a strong image of the 'Patscherkofelbahn' as a whole. However, this image is not based on iconographic architecture, but on a precise analysis of place and functional processes, coupled with an attention to detail and well-crafted materials.
Die drei Stationen haben auf dem Weg von Tal zu Berg ihren jeweils eigenen Charakter. Ziel ist es, die Gäste vom urbanen in den alpinen Raum zu begleiten und diesen Übergang in der Architektur spürbar zu machen.

Valley station
The valley station is already visible from the street as a public place, you park or get off the bus, see already people in sportswear walking around, go up a generous staircase and have there in a kind of 'station hall' access to the different uses.

Middle station
The middle station is actually the least noticed station of the ensemble. Normally invisible, it performs its duty as a purely technical building. We have decided to make the middle station visible by providing the garaging not horizontally, but vertically. This small additional effort not only makes the middle station accessible from both sides (from the Olympic downhill and the family downhill), but also suddenly makes it a visible building with a strong image. In addition, a great viewing platform is gained, which also makes the mid station attractive as a destination for hikers.

Mountain station
The top station is the destination of the cable car. You glide to the top, enjoy the great view already while driving up, and are already looking forward to finally being able to get out at the top and get some fresh air. That's why we think the top station should be as minimized as possible. So we separate the cable car area and the guest area, so that when you get to the top and you are immediately in nature. Between the cable car exit and the hut there is a gathering and terrace area, which is the starting point into the recreational
landscape of the Patscherkofel and provides easy orientation for all visitors.


  • Planung einer Seilbahn mit drei Stationen


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