House for single


Low construction and operating costs, high design and technical standards; this was the client's requirement profile for this villa.

Here are a few points in favor of building a small house.

  • Easier to maintain. Anyone who has a house knows how much time, energy and effort it takes to maintain it; a smaller house requires less time, energy and effort.
  • Less time needed for cleaning. And that should be reason enough to build a small house
  • Cheaper. Smaller homes are cheaper to buy and maintain (insurance, taxes, heating, cooling, electricity, etc.).
  • Less debt and less lower risk.
  • Liberating. Possession burdens, much possession burdens much. The more you own, the less free you become in your scope of action.
  • Geringere Umweltbelastung. Ein kleineres Haus benötigt weniger Ressourcen gebaut zu werden und verbraucht weniger Ressourcen im Gebrauch.
  • Strengthens the family bond. A smaller house leads to more social interaction between residents. And while this may be the reason that many people buy a larger houses, I think just the opposite should be the case.
  • Less space forces you to throw things away. Moving to a smaller house forces you to sort out your stuff.


  • privat


  • Haus für einen Single


  • € 200.000,-