Renovation Astrakino Bressanone

Conversion into cultural center: The building erected in 1935/36 for the fascist youth organization Gil (Astra Kino) - planned by the architects Francesco Mansutti and Gino Miozzo - was originally a U-shaped complex with a narrow, elongated structure on Romstraße in Brixen. The slightly higher central building was flanked by two lower wings. The one to the east was used as a head building for the gymnasium adjoining to the south, which is no longer preserved, and the one to the west as an entrance area for the oval theater hall. This was adapted as a cinema hall in the 1960s, but is still completely preserved in form and external appearance.

On the occasion of the exhibition 'Exposed - Tyrolean Photography from 1854-2011' by the company Durst Phototechnik AG from July to October 2012, the Astra Cinema was to be quickly repaired as a first step in order to open the building for future cultural events. The primary challenge of the refurbishment of the former Astra Cinema was to overcome the massive static and technical problems of the building, which had been neglected for a long time. All work had to be planned and executed with the lowest possible economic and constructional expenditure. The renovation of the entrance area to the hall was planned by our office in close cooperation with the municipality of Bressanone/Brixen and the Provincial Monuments Office of Bolzano/Bozen.

For the new use, all room divisions, which were built under the use as a cinema, were removed. The large foyer was emptied and space was created in the rooms below for exhibitions with adapted lighting technology and connections for exhibition technology, as well as wet cells. The vertical access was supplemented by an elevator. A sophisticated lighting concept also includes the ceiling design in the entrance area with a monumental backlit photo print. The façade restoration as well as the renovation of the oval theater hall are scheduled for the next few years.
The conversion of the Astra Cinema into the new cultural center in Bressanone was nominated for the 7th South Tyrolean Architecture Award 2013.



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