Dobbiaco Primary School

The elementary school of Dobbiaco, built in 1938, was originally an elongated building with a gymnasium on the west side, classrooms on the south side, and a wide access corridor on the north side with an entrance area emphasized by the design. The eastern section had a partial basement and could be read as a mezzanine floor on the south facade. The exterior appearance was characterized by the clear structuring through the large-scale multi-part window openings. These were banded together with a gray central bar and solid window ledge and framed by white banding. The facade was whitewashed yellow.

The present project provides for the extension of the elementary school in Dobbiaco with an energetic and acoustic renovation of the existing building. Adaptations to current legal requirements regarding accessibility and fire protection must also be carried out. The rooms are to be adapted to the increasing number of pupils and the new needs of open, cross-room learning.

The new main access is from the school square as well as from the south via the basement. This is where the German and Italian elementary schools share rooms: a central entrance area with checkrooms and sanitary facilities, teachers' rooms and classrooms.

The classes on the upper floors can be reached via two staircases - one on the north side of the school, one in the west wing. The common areas, which can be flexibly designed for open learning, are located on the south axis of the central wing, while the classrooms are located on the north axis and in the side wings, and those of the Italian elementary school in the west wing.

The attic will not be developed in the side wings and will be used for storage purposes. Above the middle wing, the two eastern small teachers' apartments remain, while the west section houses the janitor's apartment.

On the north façade, the stairway to the music hall will be demolished and moved into the building, and on the west façade, the existing entrance to the Italian elementary school will be abandoned. Instead, a new entrance will be created here for the use of the gymnasium for extracurricular purposes and as access to the music hall.

The existing openings on the facades will essentially be left as they are. On the north facade, the entrance area is emphasized by a vestibule projecting from the facade; on the south facade, large openings are created in accordance with the existing structure.


  • Gemeinde Toblach


  • Sanierung und Umbau Schule


  • Unionbau, Gasser Elektro, Schmidthammer HKLS


  • Günter Richard Wett
  • Othmar Rederlechner