Design concept ASFINAG - Westautobahn

Safety, precision, dynamics, elegance, economy, professionalism. This is what the new design concept of noise barriers along Austrian freeways developed for this competition stands for. The currently very heterogeneous and multi-layered designs of noise barriers will be replaced by clear, dynamic lines. The color of the local rock is added to the precast concrete elements as an aggregate; this gives each section its specific, site-specific design. "The problem with noise barriers is not the lack of design, but the lack of acceptance."
The noise barrier is part of the daily life of the people in its immediate vicinity.

In response, the following interventions are installed:

Sitting together
The construction of the highway separated two once neighboring villages. The noise barrier now also cuts off the line of sight. Seating niches with glass openings on either side of the A1 create a place to sit together again. The seating niches are soft-lined and interconnected via an intercom system.

The noise barrier insulates the noise of passing vehicles; it equally hides its raison d'être. On the outside of the noise barrier is a room with an opening to the highway; from here you can hear the noise of passing vehicles without seeing them.

A large, simple LED counter is mounted above the tunnel in the Salzburg Mitte area. The installation counts every passing vehicle.

Mirror image
A particularly beautiful stretch of land along the highway is hidden by highly polished steel plates on the outside of the noise barrier for about 50m - the landscape in this area is extended, doubled, as it were.

The section of road planned for these measures extends from the Walserberg border crossing to Mondsee and will be realized in sections in the coming years. The planning work for the first section is scheduled for 2014.


  • Architekt Gilbert Sommer




  • Gestaltungskonzept Westautobahn Bereich Salzburg